Blog2005 ≫ Site down

Ooops, there's been an error!

This is my error page. Probably the board posting script has just timed out, your message may or may not have been posted...

Parts of this site will be down on 7th April as the hosting company1 are upgrading. So sorry!

Leaving this page as the link for errors and things, so if you're seeing this page when you expected to see something else, sorry. Either the page has been deleted, or I've just blocked access to you because you've been hitting the site too hard.

There's never been any saucy content on this site, though I get a lot of search requests for it for some reason, that's why I've put the link to the Abi Titmuss DVD2 up there. Please buy it.

While you're here, why not check out the other parts of this site my blog might give you an insight into what this is all about.

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