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As Clare's had the toughest day of her new job yesterday, we took a rare midweek treat out to Il Bacio, and a cheeky pint in The Defoe beforehand. As I suspected this super tough day went more smoothly than my lovely rose was anticipating, it was the AGM of the HHA1 and she'd had to organise most of it. Attendence was open to all members of the HHA, so it was quite a whopper. Lord Black and Estelle Morris and even Kilwillie from Monarch of the Glen2 were there, very exciting.

At Il Bacio we saw our friend Eloise, but we pretended we didn't see her so we wouldn't have to talk to her, it was very funny! No, actually we didn't see her at all, but she saw us and thought we were ignoring her. SORRY ELOISE!

Tonight I'm going to the Hemingford, with old chums from FortuneCity.

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