Blog2004 ≫ Looking for a fireplace

It's about time I got a proper job done in the flat, so this weekend I'm going to take steps towards thinking about arranging either blinds or a new fireplace. Got a place lined up to sort out blinds and they might well be called Alpha Blinds, but fireplaces are more of a stumper. Got a couple of web addresses from magazines, and but am looking for more, any tips? This is the sort of thing I'm after...

Maybe CVO Firevault (that I'd forgotten I'd ever mentioned, and haven't been to) is worth a go... Their website is a bit annoying, but it does have full technical specs, but now I'm not sure what I can have with the chimley I've got, better get someone out.

Man it's cold again today. I prefer things a bit cooler, but it's getting harder to get out of bed. My advice for these frosty mornings is to drink a lot the night before, then you have to get up as you need the toilet.

UPDATE: removed some links there to long dead fireplace websites, but you know the kind of thing we got. Wall mounted, remote control, quite fancy really. Can't say we really got our moneysworth out of it in the end.

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