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bitberger? apparently:

C. North German Pils: An adaptation of the Bohemian Pilsener style, but paler in color and more dry and tart all around due to differences in malt, hops and water character and greater attenuation. Aroma features grain and distinctive, flowery 'noble' hops. Color light gold to medium gold. Flavor crisp and tart, with prominent hop bitter. Light to medium in body. O.G. 1.044* 1.048, I.B.U. 30-45, alcohol 5.0% v/v. Commercial examples: Koenig-Pilsener (Germany), Bitberger Pils (Germany), Holsten (Germany).

i cant stand holsten pils is it much like it?


💬 Not like that at all, not like a lager

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