Blog2004 ≫ Power cut

Into work and straight into panic stations this morning, there was a power cut overnight... suspected as much when my desktop machine was off, and hadn't been shutdown cleanly... same thing also affected our server room, where we're serving from. So, a quick runaround to find out whose monitor I could unplug to get diagnostics etc from that box, luckily it was all OK after another reboot... situations like this always terrify me, I'm left thinking "are my backups any good?" and so on.

Anyway enough boringness, I too have the Morrissey album1 and it's OK so far, a bit of a whinge though, I hope it's a grower.

Bought the ring yesterday, it's very nice, and the stone on it is laser security marked and registered - a clever and grown up version of getting your push-bike postcoded. Hatton Garden was quite a nice environment in the end, and very relaxed considering all the valuables that are scattered around the place. Tried out one pub to go for a think, but they wouldn't serve is Bitberger in pints. They had Bitberger pint glasses on the shelf, and would do any other beer in pints, but not that one, so we legged it to the Wetherspoons instead.

Still very warm today, so I took a chance on wearing my flip-flops in. And now some company's turned up that wants to sponsor me, hope they're not offended by my feet.

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