Blog2004 ≫ Late at the Tate, GRATE

Tate Britain plays host to a special musical event next Friday, "art rock" bands Mugstar and Art Brut are playing a free gig (find out more at the late Tate Britain page) and word on the David Devant site1 is that they're playing too! See you there, it's so exciting that they're back...

Belated gig review, I have been off since Tuesday; fantastic I'm very glad to report. A return to the venue of their first album launch, and the place was rammed.

A shameless attempt was made to return to glories past, with Vessel coming onto the stage in silhouette form first of all, but without the fully elaborate painting-himself-real thing. The stand-in spectral roadies were reasonable lookalikes, but we weren't all fooled, particularly not Iceman who was in the crowd taking pictures like this. You should be back on stage son!

The set was a mix of very new and very old, almost none from the difficult second album "Shiney on the Inside", but a good few early rarities, including my personal favourite "Cookie", also "Slip Into Me", "Life on a Crescent", "Ballroom" and more. The new material all sounds good, get the new album from Outstanding Records2, I keep leaving my copy places, so am not entirely familiar with it yet. It's got "Gentleman Jim" on it though, which is ace.

Anyway, see my pictures of the whole band in action or just Professor Rimschott.

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