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Well. what can I say about this? This is the sort of person who takes the place as a special gig instead of a true fan. The blokes a total liger. It really annoys me and for him to assume Sue fainted to get back stage? well from where I was standing, Sue you didn't look like you did it on purpose. If I can find that blokes e-mail address I think I will tell him to FUCK OFF! I'm normally a nice person but this really pissed me off. What a wanker. Chris WHite

FROM THE OTHER "WEIRD FAN" SEEKING ATTENTION AT THE FRONT :I cant believe this review, I had friends stood outside who would have killed for the chance to get into this gig, I"M APPAULLED, it was my friend who fainted at the end, i ran over to keep her held up until the end as we HAD STOOD OUTSIDE FOR 4 HOURS and spent lots of text messages an did didnt want her to miss the end, she knows the band anyway so why would she do this to get backstage. Fuck youve annoyed me!!! I laugh at your knowledge of porl and frank, road crew?? we can do without people like you following the cure, maybe you should stick to the psb maybe you know a little about them???? angela birtwell

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