Blog2003 ≫ damp poisoning

I have a super hangover this morning which is not even my fault. It's the Elbow Rooms' fault for only selling lardy food, meaning I had to skip my dinner last night, and for all their weak girly Carling being off meaning I had to drink Stella or whatever the crap it was. I don't really like the Elbow Rooms that much. The ONLY point in going is that you can be assured of a pool table eventually, but I hate being kicked off after an hour. You can get a lot of games of nine ball in in an hour though.

Once our time was up yesterday we found another pub round the corner with a pool table. I can't remember what it was called but it was ace - really quiet, empty pool table and great jukebox. I don't get why it was so quiet when all the other pubs in Angel were heaving. Maybe the locals know something I don't. The landlady did have a weird look in her eye. Irish - you can't trust them you know.

So anyway, I have a super hangover and can't even sleep it off because Hackney council are supposed to be sending a roofer round. The wall is pretty bad now as I can actually see mould starting to grow which means it won't be long before I contract every damp-related illness I can think up...

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