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After we had discovered the website of your company1, we inspected your offer, which caught our attention, with great interest. We also provided this information to our business partners from regions where we perform our business activities. We were kindly surprised by a great interest and an urgent enquiry for more particular information and sale propagation materiels.

Therefore we would kindly ask for all possible info about your offer. In order to improve the quality of the sale and distribution of your offer, could you please send us all the possible material in printed version. We decided for this option, because Internet is not rather expanded in Eastern Europe. Knowing our market from long-time experience, we know, that a big percentage of transactions follow after the client had the possibility to see a printed version of the offer. Printer prospects constrain more attention, because they are physically in front of the reader. An offer in an electronical form / email, catalog on CD / usually has lower response, because it is rather impersonal. This feature is given by the former mentality system of people and the weak familiarity with IT technologies.

Considering the post-comunistic past of these countries / when all western products were matter of embargo / on this market there is a big demand for quality products from western and overseas countries.

Our company is located in Slovakia and engaged in marketing support and distibution of several types of products in Eastern Europe and Rusia for many years.

Whereas our activities are spread all througt eastern Europe and Russia / 13 states/, we would like to ask you for more sets of your poropagation materials, if possible. It would be wery essential, because we could start the propagation of your products in all the countries at once, which would multiple the possible business contracts.

Hereby we request the terms of possible future cooperation, and the minimum order amount, or the setup order conditions.

Please, send all the information and offer material to the folowing address:

Contact Plus s.r.o. P.O.Box 210 Bratislava 3 830 00 Slovakia

We look forward to your reply and hope for the establishing of good business cooperation and partnership.

With regads

Larry Kovacs

Larry Kovacs

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