Blog2003 ≫ War On 106

Exciting, seems being pissed off with bus route 106 is quite a popular hobby, saw a poster up at the bus stop today saying "war on 106 - are you fed up with their being not enough buses" or something... stage one is to write to the mayor and the local councillors, and get a copy of that poster (how?) and put it up at your local stop. Step two is "STAGECOACH OUT"! I am guessing they're the company who run the route.

Also, more unsubscribes, we're up to 2400 popex punters who've returned an "error 550" from a mail I've sent them, so they're all off the list now... that's only about 3 percent, but the process is still on going...

Street team meeting today.

💬 Bus route 106

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