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we went to a brilliant charity comedy show with Bruce Forsyth, Ian McKellan and more...

Charity show at the Theatre Royal Haymarket1... decided not to go for the gala buffet tickets, even though Clare's fave Ian McKellan MIGHT be there... there couldn't offer any guarantees on the phone, so it could easily just have been a Sunday night in a room full of very old people. Ross Noble really stands out on that bill, he's the youngest performer there by about forty years.

That was written BEFORE the show, now the after... great night, Ross Noble was the best by far, mostly because the audience were so posh, that there's no way they could understand his accent, so he was rambling on about pushing pianos into the crowd and having a prize for who would die, and all the "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" fans, didn't have a clue...

It was a rare treat to have Bruce Forsyth added the bill, he joked, he played piano, he tap-danced, he said "nice to see you..." and he did a walkabout through the crowd, not on the shoulders of a roadie though.

Sir Ian McKellan's sketch (with Penelope Wilton) was a bit odd, it was all based around Brief Encounter, and Richard O'Brien's was even odder, he did a Maori song on his guitar. Dame Judy Dench had to cancel, but the rest were good. It was Sunday night at the London Palladium stuff, but slightly edgier, and a nice change for a night out.

💬 Bruce Forsyth

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