Blog2003 ≫ Chutney's

Had a few beers in Southampton, on London Road, not sure of the first place, but then went to a Wetherspoons, and then on to Chutney's Curry House... don't remember too much of it, except I ate a lump of chicken that was lurking in a dahl, and that they really really take the piss with their dish names... I spotted one dish being called a "Roald Dahl" and also "Murhg Aloo Jefrotul", so I, uh, wrote down a quick copy of everything on the menu so I'd remember to point these out to people later... checking again at home, I also see "Aloo Veera", "Wingstingas", "Sorboti Kebab", "Aloo Aloo", "Jhingla Bells", "Morkanmhindi Biriani", "Dhogsbreth", "Ayre Zrock", and best of all a "Murgh Kurma Duyurazafava"...

Chutney's Curry House
40 London Road
SO15 2AG Telephone 02380 366336

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