Blog2003 ≫ Fiver shortage!

Heard a sort of interesting thing today, well overheard it, on the 106 actually. This guy sat in front of me was telling his mate he'd met someone in from the royal mint who is personally responsible for five pound notes. 80% of five pounds are distributed by the Post Office at the moment, mostly on pension day. Soon, pensions will be paid directly into bank accounts, meaning VIRTUAL EXTINCTION FOR THE FIVE POUND NOTE!

There will clearly be a shortage, rationing of the humble fiver - this will lead to their value rising, probably to six or seven pounds, so I suggest everyone hoard as many fivers as possible.

Oh, unless they withdraw them, that would be bad, imagine having a mattress stuffed with ten shilling notes?

Duran Duran tonight, going to spend most of the day on Barfly admin again, making the system generate more useful reports, integrating the design with my back-end (Mrs) and giving the staff a sneak peak at the new functionality, I figure it will be simpler to ease them into the new system than to release too much at once.

Also going to demo the new new version of the calendar to Supervision, have made adjustments to allow an event to span over several days / weeks / years to let it repeat daily. Unfortunately can't use the same bit of code to have an event repeating one day per week, or per month, will have to cross that bridge later, would be handy for Barfly clubs.

💬 Duran Duran

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