Blog2003≫ Joey (he is still alive!)

Eugene, OR

He is my nabor! He was just going out to get his mail sometime last week. I was walking my dog and I noticed that this guy was very tall, had longish culy dark hair, was wearing Joey glasses, and had the exact same facial features as Joey! I asked him if anyone had ever told him he was a dead ringer for Joey Ramone and he said "Yeah, I get that all the time, must be the glasses." The way he said this was in a very Queens, New Yorker accent so At this point I was freaked because Joey is suposedly DEAD right, But this Guy looks, talks, and acts just like him!!


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Sun Sep 21 2003

Celebrity spotting action, not actual stalking. Got to catch 'em all! Originally a popular feature of my site 99% written by valued punters. Hopefully now with some bonus location content.