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Going to the cinema tonight to see Pirates of the Caribbean, to the Warner cinema (Parkfield Street, London, N1 0PS, Telephone 0870 240 6020). That's the cinema in what was the new new new Marquee club. Which is now shut down, bit of an ambitious project and no luck in booking good acts there and CRIKEY SPIKEY were the drinks expensive there and they didn't do pints. Was probably a mistake to reuse the name when the new venue was so posh. Anyway have just found out that we might be able to go to the reopening of this venue, it's been bought by the Academy chain, and it looks like Athlete are going to be doing the launch do. Hopefully there will be a free bar and a good support act, as they're quite dull.

Have included search terms in the side bar of my pages now, and in their own section, using a script I got from popdex which I've modified to cover different search engines (including the one on this site) too.

💬 Pirates of the Caribbean is ace

💬 Keira Knightly Wallpaper

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