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I want to earn some commission thought you'd like to know about two new theatre shows in the West End, they sound GREAT!!!


Jerry Springer the Opera is currently the hottest ticket in London. Following unprecedented rave reviews and standing ovations from critics and public alike, the run has been extended twice at the National Theatre. The show combines the musical, comedy and opera genres and has been described in The Observer as "the most explosive theatrical event for years" and by Liam Gallagher as "the best ★★★★★★★ (I assume this should be 'fucking') thing I have ever seen". And last but not least, Jerry Springer says, "I only wish I'd thought of it first".

Warning: This show is not suitable for children.

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Set on the mean streets of Detroit and in the glamorous clubs of uptown LA, Tonight's the Night tells the story of Stu Roderick, a shy guy. In fact, Stu's so hung-up and tongue-tied that he can not even find the courage to declare his love to Mary, the sweet wholesome girl of his dreams. How different Stu is to his hero, the legendary rock 'n' roll vagabond Rod Stewart. One night, alone and desperate, Stu reflects that if he could only be more like Rod then Mary would surely be his. For that, Stu would sell his very soul...

Credits: Written by Ben Elton. Features over 20 of Rod Stewart's greatest hits.

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