PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Koreans play Bobs

Koreans are worth catching...

Oooh! It's getting hot in herre! So come up to Kings Cross! Or something. Cos it's summer and Bob's is back again with the best party this side of a blingbling bunker. And the talent for this month are straight outta the bunker. The disused Railtrack Munitions bunker on the wrong side of the tracks connecting Blackfriars to Herne Hill, to be precise. More to the point, our esteemed guests The Koreans' first ever gig was at the legendary Jonathan Richman of the Modern Lovers fame's wedding reception, for an audience that included Dr John, Elvis Costello, De La Soul, Kim Deal, Ray Davies, Tom Waits, Sun Ra (and his intergalactic Arkestra) and Jonathan himself, who graciously provided The Koreans with support. Needless to say, the entire congregation thoroughly enjoyed the Camberwell scallywags' guitair-swinging, disco-loving, theremin frotting antics.

Their debut single Machine Gun is out on Drowned In Sound on July 21nd and was produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley (Elvis Costello / Teardrop Explodes). It's going to go off for this skewed pop-worshipping guitar band par excellence, so catch 'em now while they're hot.

Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception is the first Saturday of the month at the Water Rats, Kings Cross, you can sometimes get advanced tickets here.

Ooh just realised I will be in BELGIUM1 that weekend!

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