PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Devant at Borders, yesterday...

Was I even at the same gig?

Saw David Devant and his Spirit Wife at Borders bookshop on Oxford... it was a full electric set, but done a bit quietly, so it sounded odd. There was one new song, something about thin ice possibly, and a mix of old and new tunes but the most memorable bit was the annoyingness of the crowd. Before the show one guy - a full grown man, with his hair in bunches - said to a friend "have you heard JJ72? They're just like Joy Division", which made me gag on my iced mocha, and then I was rooted to the spot with sheer irritation listening to two people from Portsmouth Poly talking about how the city had gone downhill.

"It was much better in '93 when I moved here, there was an art house cinema, and much better gigs" says he.

"Like who?" says his not quite so annoying companion.

"um, ah, there was, uh, Chumbawamba..?".

And the art house cinema closed down sometime in the 1970s.

Apologies if it was YOU I am describing. Apologies to everyone else in the whole world, on your behalf that is.

💬 David Devant

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