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Borders Bookshop on Oxford St has a whole host of free gigs coming up, some of them even with FREE BEER! Clint Boon Experience are there on the 12th of May, at lunchtime, Seafood are there 6.30 the same day, and Hefner are there on the 25th. Stephen Jones of Baby Bird is there on the 2nd of May, but only reading, not playing. June sees appearances from Baxendale (pictured) and Jacques...

Here's to more gigs in shops, it is the WAY and also the LIGHT.

💬 Jacques

💬 The Bluetones

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Thu Apr 27 2000

This content originally from my very popular (in the tail end of the '90s) site Some of this contributed by valued punters, but mostly editorial originally created by me. I moved the content here here when the website eventually closed down at the start of the 2000s. Hopefully this ignites memories (assuming you find it).