PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Hayleys Cake LLLLLLIVE in LLLLLIVERPOOL

A live review of Hayley's Cake, from Steve Roden...

Steve Roden reviews Hayley's Cake live...

Hayley's Cake came on just before eleven to a packed room., and after a slightly hesistant start, soon got the place locked into a groove. I'd only heard their track on last year's 'best of invicta hi-fi', which although good, gives little justice to their ability as live musicians, and the wonderful voice of the female singer.

Music was difficult to catergorise (this is good) but lay somewhere between 60's pop and 00's inventitiveness thrown in... By the end of the set, the rooms were rockin' and they finished on the single, which was cool. best song = the one before that in my opinion, although I've no idea what it was called (it was "Mister Mystery").

It was the first time I had seen theme, and I was well impressed. If you get the chance, spend a few quid and see them - one to watch I think.

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Tue May 02 2000

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