And then when we got back from our awesome long weekend...


And then when we got back from our awesome long weekend...

Headed home from Mum and Dad's on Monday morning, braved the bank holiday traffic on this super hot day. Took us three hours to get back, to find that Clare had gone out and left the doors wide open... Headed to town to meet her, made the boys walk way too far to try and tire them out, and then decided we'd just stay out for the evening. Only problem, the shopping was due to be delivered at 5pm. Clare gallantly offered to head home and sort that out, and then get a taxi back in to Folkestone to meet me!
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First we went to the Harbour Arm, which was way busy

Heard tales all the outlets were running out of food and drink as it was busier than it had ever been. People everywhere, and we could also see from there that Sunny Sands was absolutely packed solid with people. The downside to a lovely day and all the visitors it attracts is the amount of litter they leave, a real shame.

We didn't eat or drink at the Harbour Arm this time, but with our new plan of Clare taking the car home, I ran back to get the car. I'd parked pretty much way out of town for the free parking anyway so I got some good exercise while they played in Payers Park. Then I drove back to meet them, swap, and I was FREE! For about an hour and a half!
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First attempt at some free drinking time: The Troubadour

Troubadour of Kent is a micropub that I had been meaning to try for a while, it's a bit out of the way for me. But well convenient for Payers Park. But closed on Mondays, so no joy for me today.
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I should be sat in the sun on a day like today

Good job the Troubadour was closed really as this reminded me to go back to the Harbour Arm. I stopped at Docker and had a beer with Ben the baker, nice to catch up there too. Then back to Payers Park.

The Space Bar is open, at least Back Space, the bar area out the back where there was the lovely market last summer. This was awesome, the bar has a good range and it's a lovely place to sit in the sun. It is just too far from the silver slide to let the boys go off and play in Payers Park while we sit there, so they sat with us. Pretty nice.
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Last stop before home - not a pizza

We had planned to eat in Luben but suddenly decided that Aspendos would be more holidayish, and it was pretty good. This was the proper sit down place, not a kebab shop, and did truly seem like a meal out on holiday. This made a great spontaneous afternoon and evening that we all enjoyed. Taxi home too, extravagant or what?
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