Cinema today


Cinema today

Thing One and I are off to see Avengers: Infinity War today and Clare and Thing Two are going to see Duck Duck Goose. We don't go very often, and it's a shame for Clare who would be keen to see more things that she's stuck in that one, but there was nothing for all of us. Still, it's a new venture, a new cinema in Dover. We're meeting up after for dinner at Cullen's Yard.

This only came about because I read some good reviews of the new Avengers movie and lots of "if you have seen it don't spoil it for anyone who hasn't" which is a good ploy on someone's part. It made me feel I need to see it quickly before someone tells me about it. Even though I've not seen any of the other Avengers movies at all... It's going to be long and quite complicated and probably just lots of chasing and fighting, but should be entertaining. Thing One wasn't sure about it at first, he said he'd rather go to IKEA for the day, which was another option on the table, but he's come round to this.

In preparation last night I watched Captain America: Civil War which feels like basically the same film. It was a bit long, a bit complicated, and lots of chasing and fighting. Quite good. I really like how all the characters are crossing over constantly, like in the comics, so I think I'll enjoy today's.

Didn't do too much yesterday, a walk around Hythe and a bit of a sporting challenge for homework. We did The Clarke Cup, four different events. I came joint last.

I did pay a chunk off the mortgage yesterday though, that was quite exciting. I paid off 瞿9k, out of my 瞿19k shares payout, thinking that I'd need about 瞿8 for this holiday and then save some for tax and other small treats. Clare estimates the holiday including flights, accomodation in Orlando and then a mini cruise to the Caribbean to come in at under 瞿6 though so I should have a bit more left over. She was not happy that I'd paid that off the mortgage, thinking I'd keep this money round for spending on new carpets and sofa and things, but I think now I can do a bit of that as well.
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