Is it pay day yet?


Is it pay day yet?

It is not pay day yet, and I am actually still in the black for this month, but it's still a tense and exciting time thinking about pay day... will there be more shares money arriving Monday? Or even tomorrow? It will be a great weekend if the money comes in early.
Still not sure if I'm going to get 瞿200 or 瞿20k from the cash in of these shares, it's too exciting. I was thinking about buying a new tv, but have been talked out of it and will get a new hdmi switch instead so I can plug more devices into the existing TV. I will certainly pay some off the mortgage if I get the higher end here, hopefully 瞿10k which will shrink my montly liabilities. Then to start planning the Orlando trip with a side order of Caribbean with the rest of it!
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