One week until a good / bad payday


One week until a good / bad payday

End of this month should be a good pay day for two reasons, and bad for one. I think it all works out as net good though. It's good as it's end of financial year profit share, so we get the fourth of our quarterly profit share bonuses. The other three in the year are the same and estimated and the fourth one pays the difference, based on actual profits, so I hope it's good. Then also there should be some shares cash in going on again this month. Different to last month's share save. Then it's a bad one as it's finally time to pay back the money I borrowed last year to pay the tax bill, it's going to come out in one lump sum this month. But all these things should leave me with more cash in my pocket than a normal month so it's all good.
This is the management buyout that we're still not to talk about yet. If I have got my numbers correct I have 5280 shares, that's 5000 that I paid 42p for and then 280 that I paid 84p for. Work are buying 50% of them at 15.77, and I get half that money this week and half in annual instalments over the next three to five years... So I think that is still over TWENTY GRAND this week and then another 4k this time next year, and so on for the next five years...

There may be something to pay back, asI don't remember buying the original 5000. It was 500 at maybe 瞿4.20 and maybe some of that was a loan that I have to pay back but it would not be much. The other thing that could throw water on this is if I don't really have the 5000, if they are JSOPs which is a kind of option. It might be only 50% of the 280 that I'm cashing in now, which would be rubbish, and not pay for the Orlando holiday that we are already starting to plan. Fingers crossed though!

If I get 瞿20k then half of it is going off the mortgage right away, then about seven or 8 on the big big holiday, and then save the rest as there will be some capital gains tax to pay.
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