Hmm just realised last night I slept well


Hmm just realised last night I slept well

It was a fast day well sort of. Fast day for Clare, I had the vegetable miso for tea also, but with vege sausages, and I ate normallly throughout the rest of the day. These days with the miso soup have traditionally been a day of really badly not sleeping for me but last night was fine. Undoubtedly it is the night nurse I have been taking every day for a week now what has done it.

Hmm is this really day 10 of not drinking? It's easy, if you have night nurse. I'd better order a few more bottles of it...

Just booked a holiday to center parcs, de Kempervennen this time though in the Netherlands. Always planned to do this this year, but I thought I'd have the money to pay for it by this point. I just about do, even though I've not been able to sell any shares yet, but I need to keep some back for the beetle. So, Jim has booked it, he is coming with us again. We have not booked the tunnel yet though as we're going to work out if we can do a weekend stopover on the way. It's not a huge journey to do but to break it up will be nice.
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