Blog2024 ≫ We are going to Deal today

So nice to mention Deal and actually mean Deal. So often I say the word like "this is a good deal" and my hand-bodged blogging software thinks "oh yes, Deal, in Kent, I will make that a link", and it's not what I meant at all. Today we are really going to the town of Deal, in Kent, we are going to the castle. I hope we have our English Heritage membership cards.

T1 points out that I did not need to buy that double toothbrush charger as Clare and I use the same toothbrush handle and just swap the heads over. Clare also says "do not cut a hole in the wall" so I think I'm going to exchange this double for a single one which actually will fit in place of the shaver socket.

I saw the Dandy Warhols today in 1998.

Right, time for our day off in Deal.

Sunny and a gentle breeze, 3 - 9℃.

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