Where did my Strava post go?

Where did my Strava post go?

Hmm I posted a link to my first run on strava and lost it again. I can get similar stuff from Fitbit too I think but maybe this is easier to link to? And it's independent of Fitbit, so if I ditch them for Garmin or something else this will stay consistent. It is all about running and cycling though so won't be logging my every day step count. I should be able to get some interesting things out of this.

You can see on that map (assuming you can see it - if you can't it's not worth sign up up just for that) how I activated the run a minute or so before I actually started running, and then how I slowed down at the half way point (that was me turning round and crossing the road).

I didn't pass any Strava "segments" on this run, I'm looking forward to my first one. This is where someone has named a section of a route, and when you run it it gives you stats on how you did on this run before, and how other people are doing.

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Tue Aug 13 2019

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