Blog2018 ≫ Hmm Elis and John book tour a bit average

Went to the Elis James and John Robins book tour last night in Canterbury (promoting their book The Holy Vible1) and it was a bit low energy really. I thought they might do a bit of their own stand up each as well, but no. They mostly went "shall we just read another chapter of the book?" and even looked at their watches at points. Some very funny bits, but mostly of interest to me as it was familiar from the podcasts. Not so much in it for them, though she quite enjoyed it. Still, Clare got me a signed copy of the book1 when I met them at the end. I had nothing interesting to say, shame.

They did have some promotional beers, that was good, I would have liked one to keep.

Going out in the week though. Second night of four in a row, though tonight is only two hours in the Inn Doors, and then tomorrow is just round Jim's and hopefully back nice and early.

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