Blog2018 ≫ Oh and I have been promoted

My job title is now back to what it was a few years ago before the (seemingly failed) experiment with the flat structure. I think I took it in my stride that we were all just engineers for a while but it must have made a lot of other people unhappy that there seemed to be no recognisable progression. Of course I have not actually progressed in years, though my skills are good and I am happy with the stuff I'm doing.

I got a small pay rise last month (hmm, nearly enough to invest in a new vw beetle front axle maybe..?) but am not sure if this is connected. Surely I should get another one?

There is now some talk of being "unofficially on call", which is entirely unrelated to the promotion, but likely to cause more friction. Will have to see how that one goes. I don't answer my phone at the best of times, I'm so often out of signal range. Ironically my phone won't work in the new office at all - thew new insulated windows block all mobile signal and my phone is too cheap to connect to the newer 5GHZ wifi hotspots - so it is kind of funny asking me to be in mobile contact.

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