Blog2018 ≫ Enjoying this solar powered website

Not seen it before but reading this blog post1 about gives me some ideas. I have some ideas for them too, they could make some great improvements, but scrolling through the comments I can see others suggested this too. Makes me want to go back to solar power, just needs a couple of hundred quid investment, which I should not do right now. I will take some ideas from their website, and from the comments. So when I have even fewer images, and those images are in black and white, and the background of this site goes black instead of white soon, that is why.

I have been doing a bundle of image processing recently, generating an image to upload to Slack, with my run stats on. Going to extend those principles to looking for new images, prompt if they should be included in a blog post? Add them, then on upload resize them, rewrite the blog post, tag them, etc. Think I'm going to try and move away from Google Photos.

So does this work below? An automated lower quality image of one of the auto generated ones:

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