Blog2018 ≫ A fun day of organised fun, despite the drizzle

A full day together just me and the boys, so we filled it with fun. Gave them the choice of what we should do, sort of. Had decided thing two needed swimming practice, so we headed to the Stour Centre in Ashford. Made some real good progress, he really can do it and I hope he can repeat it in his lessons this week.

Next was really their choice, one of them asked if we could have a picnic, nice idea so I arranged it. However, it rained. I hoped we were going to miss it, but no, so we ate in the car.

Finally, really their choice, ten pin bowling. They both had a good game, thing two got two strikes, which just pushed him ahead. Thing one regained his pride on the Mario Kart afterwards.

Then home to watch a film, we settled on Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, and pizza. But, don't worry, I gave them broccoli and carrots with it, I'm not letting them have too much fun.

Hopefully up early in the morning to go to a boot fair, but I'm not sure if there are any on, and it's still raining here anyway.

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