Blog2018 ≫ Thought I had done a record run time yesterday

Did not get to run in the morning, because of dropping thing one off at school. So went out just before tea, and felt I was really going for it. My average times were showing under five minutes for a kilometre on the way round, but my final stats looked a lot slower. This map maybe shows the issue1 (though I don't know if you can see that), my run really stopped just before the wiggly bit at the end, the rest of that is slowly walking up the hill. The pace does not include that wiggly bit, nor does the distance I think, but my own stats do include the time for that, so way slower.

Working from home again today as Clare is off to Vienna for the weekend, so it's just me and thing two for the next day and a bit.

Oh many thanks to the nephew who text me in the small hours to ask how to get Glastonbury tickets. My phone was on silent but my fitbit was not. I think start here2 though a) you have to register in advance and b) did I not tell you to do this six months ago? Possibly missed the boat now though it looks like there are coach packages you can still get. Sounds a lot like after-market reselling to me! Good luck mate, don't think it would be Bruce Springsteen again though.

We heard from the school, they all arrived safely, and then another one at 10:30 to say they were all in bed at last.

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