Blog2018 ≫ I ran further than I walked last month

Just got an update from Fitbit, says I walked 72km last month (44 miles) but I ran 86km (53 miles).

Another run this morning, I was going to leave a day between runs but this week could be tricky. Tomorrow morning we are all up early to see thing one off on his school trip, he's away from us for a few nights. I managed to find a five minute gap between tellings off this morning to give him a present, a "pro" LED Maglite Torch, engraved with his name. I know I took a torch on a trip like this, this is a nice one though, better than my one! I got his name on it so I am not tempted to steal it back. Thing two can have one when he goes away from home too.

Also this week Clare is off on a trip for a few nights, so I can't go out running at all on those days, as these boys just can't keep up. Not decided what to do this weekend, I should have planned that a bit better. We have the car! Where shall we go?

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