Blog2018 ≫ Hmm can I do a weekend away in only my pockets?

Got a short trip away soon, I was wondering what bag to take, but can I travel without taking a bag at all?

I have plenty of pockets, and know I have a mini toothbrush and toothpaste thing that I took from our hotel in Ghent. With my phone in my pocket and my running headphones round my neck I can get away without a book or other entertainment. This leaves my side pockets free for clean pants and socks. Can I wear two t-shirts as layers and then just discard one for the next day? Or is that a step too far?

I'll be going on a pub crawl so don't really even want to take my little pouch with a pocket knife or anything as I don't want to be turned away from anywhere.

How much do I really need for an overnight stay? This deserves a bit more thought.

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