Blog2018 ≫ Reasons this morning's run was good

Hard to compare my run with friends. I see I did a really good time compare to Ro, he published his map and his stat this week. Five reasons my run was advantageous:

  1. I run in pretty much a straight line out and back, not much stopping and turning
  2. I run on the flat, no hills - I really slow down if I face a slight incline
  3. My time and distance starts when I start and stop running, doesn't include any walking warm up time. This is the fitbit doing this for me...
  4. I ran out along the sheltered canal path away from the wind, and back along Princes Parade with a breeze behind me. My time would not count for an olympic record
  5. I was running facing a beautiful sun rise on the way back this morning...

I did run in front of a car this morning, skidded inches from the bonnet, like Marty McFly. They were coming out of a drive a bit fast really, and I wasn't looking...

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