Blog2018 ≫ The David Devant songs on Spotify are different versions

Hmm odd, I am listening to David Devant And His Spirit Wife on the Spotify (Clare has an account), and when I tell it to play David Devant it always starts with the same song - Ginger - and it's always a different version to the one I have. I guess they have rerecorded it at some point over the last twenty years... Oh crikey it's more than that isn't it?

WFH today. Sainsbury's being delivered any minute now, which disrupts my day. We could not get a weekend delivery slot this week.

Watched more of Plague last night, it's very good. Also caught the end of Eight Go Rallying which was surprisingly good. Like old style Coach Trip, you don't think you're going to warm to the people on it but you do. Except Noel Edmonds. What a tool.

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