Blog2018 ≫ Novotel are reserving some funds on my account

We stayed in a Novotel in Belgium, booked two rooms. Though I have already paid for it all there is still a holding amount on my account, for 2x 100 euros... This must have happened before, I think it is common with hotels, but I have never noticed it. I guess some companies clear it down quicker than others.

Or, have they still not checked the minibar in the room yet? What if it was not a free minibar? I think it was, as ours was the executive suite, and Jim's did not have a minibar. It was not fully stocked anyway, just water, coke, and one beer, and we didn't even drink the beer. That would be a nightmare thinking I had got away with a free minibar and then BLAM being hit for 200 euros...

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