Blog2018 ≫ Sudden fear I had lost ten years of blog posts

Man alive what a loss to the world that would have been! Just found them all though, I was moving them all in a few hundred at a time because of how Gitlab doesn't like too much new content. This static site has been missing some valuable missives!

I discovered this while searching for an old post from 2003 - Aretha Franklin has sadly just died and being a bandwagon jumper I thought I could pipe up with "of course I saw Aretha Franklin". But I don't think I actually did, I was thinking of the VH1 Divas Concert that we went to in Las Vegas, and I'm confused. She must have played one of these, but not the one we went to. I'm probably being a bit racist because Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan and Queen Latifah were, among others.

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