Blog2018 ≫ Now I have run out of week

Doing some interesting work now I have got shot of that old style web design, and it means working later tonight to try and get something finished. Nice to be doing something interesting, but I am effectively banking hours that I won't claim back. Normally this would be GREAT, bunk off early Friday and go to the Inn Doors. But this week I am finishing at lunchtime anyway, to head off to a birthday party Friday night.

I remembered what it was I was going to say yesterday now. I went out at lunchtime for a walk, via the shop in Lympne and was delighted to see the Chili Big Hoops were back - chilli flavour Hula Hoops. Sort of. They are now hot chilli big hoops, and they don't taste the same. They are a sort of mild worcester sauce flavour now, not spicy, still a big old bag of crisps though with 25g of fat that I did not need. They are not the worst crisps I have ever had, but I do miss the original ones.

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