Blog2018 ≫ Couch To 5K week 8

Second day of week eight of Couch To 5K, so another twenty eight minute run. I ran a bit slower today but still got up before 6am to do so. Actually got up at 6am, though woke first time at 4:10 when my alarm went off. I tried to set it as a reminder my parking time was up yesterday (16:10) but messed up. Clare was delighted by this alarm, and doubly so when it went off again ten minutes later because I had blearily snoozed it.

Back to more like a ten minute average mile today after getting under nine minutes on my previous run. I went slower because I'd taken a two day break and was concerned that I'd start losing it pretty quickly. But it was fine, not tired, not overheating (is pretty wet out there), not out of breath, didn't even need a drink on the way round.

Watched Keeping Faith again last night, that is a good but slightly silly and slightly hammy series.

Back to the office today, but for a short week. I have Friday afternoon off so far, ready for a long weekend. This week is going to be over before I know it.

5k: Five km, about three miles in old money.

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