Blog2018 ≫ And the internets are back

I have had approximately a day with no internets, our wifi started playing up yesterday afternoon / early evening, so I was absolutely stumped as to what to do last night. I was in, Clare was out at Dom's gig. I would normally watch something on IPlayer, but no. We are so reliant on online services that I didn't even know how to investigate what was up. I tried rebooting it onemore time this morning before phoning PlusNet, and all is OK again. I guess there was some software update.

I need to move away from Plusnet anyway, my speed is not good enough, not up to modern standards. It's a shame there is no real choice in the market still, I think I will have to go back to BT.

Happy wedding Anniversary today to the wife and me, thirteen years, lucky for some. We are not doing anything special for it, we are going out for a family dinner today to The Pullman but that is more because of Kev visiting and a belated birthday celebration.

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