Blog2018 ≫ Chin up

Clare got a chin up bar and we have been challenging each other. I'm trying to do one more each day, starting with a pathetic three on the first day of putting the bar up. I quickly jumped up to seven, and then nine the next day and am now on fifteen. Thing one has been ahead of me every step, but we are being a bit more generous in what qualifies as a chin up with him.

This is the bar she bought1 it only stays up through being pushed against the door frame, and unfortunately it is pushing our flimsy door frame apart slightly; there is crackage. Hope it's going to be OK. We have tried it on various door frames in the house, including downstairs in the playroom, which used to be the garage. But nope, flimsy door frames everywhere.

Will I get to twenty chin ups before the house falls down?

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