Blog2018 ≫ Day two week three of running

Up at 6am again for my Couch To 5K, and it was fine. Still a bit intimidated by the thought of a longer run, but I am not at all struggling with these short bursts, so building up gradually is obviously a good thing. Won't it be great if I can do 5k with out stopping? Boxing Day Run here I come! Maybe.

Speaking to Andy yesterday about running, he does it a lot and has done for a long time. He was saying it's a good hobby as you don't need lots of equipment. I am absolutely "all the gear and no idea" so it is the very opposite of the kind of hobby I would normally have. I'm trying to mould it to my shape, I will start with the new mp3 playing and fitness tracking watch. I've also had my eye on a little belt pouch thing that some runners seem to have, not sure what I'm supposed to put in it though. Maybe a new water bottle too, and of course I already bought the new trainers and insoles. Next stop some kind of running top, then some lights as obviously I will keep this up through the winter. I can turn this from simple exercise into buying-loads-of-stuff and soon drop the exercise part of it, no problem.

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles in old money.

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