Blog2018 ≫ Number two son a bit under the weather today

He was a bit hot and lethargic when he came in yesterday so we did not go swimming, and then he asked to go to bed early. This morning he's a bit better so I gave him Calpol and took him to school. Half expecting them to call me to pick him up.

Thing one stayed up with us to watch the football. We all wanted Belgium to win, but doesn't really matter, it's all about England vs Croatia today.

Went for my run this morning, day one of week three of Couch To 5K. Ramps up slightly, this is running for ninety seconds, walking for ninety, running for three minutes, walking for three minutes, repeat twice. So not too bad, was not tiring at all will give it a go again tomorrow! Was cooler out there this morning, I hope the good weather has not passed us by.

5k: Five kilometres, about three miles in old money.

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