Blog2018 ≫ Step one of couch to 5k

I have done the first run of the first stage of Couch To 5K, so that is step one of twenty-seven under my belt. I must have misread it at first as I thought the first step was going to be run for a minute, now rest for a day... but no it's more like run for a minute, then walk for 90 seconds, and repeat seven times. Repeat the running and the resting. Still it seems like a sensible plan. I'll be back again on Wednesday, you are supposed to take a day off inbetween. The plan by the end of week nine is to be able to run 5k three times a week, rather than just run 5k once and give up.

Why is it not called "sofa to so far"?

Think I am rearranging the tags around here, should make the site a little easier to update and quicker to upload. We will see though, will probably end up with me having loads of dead links...

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles in old money.

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