Blog2018 ≫ Sports day was lovely

I took a long lunch yesterday to get to the school sports day, and it all worked well. I got there in time, the weather was lovely so no cancellations or anything, and I ducked out just before the Dads' race! Actually I really had to get back, or I would have had too much time to make up. No honestly.

Thing one controversially came fourth in his running race, thing two was a fairly solid wooden spoon. They both take after me a bit in the sporting prowess, thing two especially. When it came to their novelty race, our eldest won his "coin balanced on the shoe" race, but the other with his "egg and spoon" was apparently very entertaining. He was very steady and methodical, and crossed the line, and got a big cheer from everyone, bless!

Their "house" won the overall prize, there must have been a lot of points earned during the other "carousel" events, involving javelin, shot put, hurdles, all sorts of mini team events. Well done yellow team.

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