Blog2018 ≫ Wow not updated the blog for two weeks

I have been writing the occasional post, but because I've been migrating from Jekyll to Metalsmith I've not uploaded anything for two weeks. What a treat it will be when all this fascinating content arrives.

We have been to Dover this morning, quite a nice peaceful meander about. Now the boys are trying to make their own Youtube video of them playing Mario Kart. It's causing lots of arguments.

I'm off out for a walk now, probably as far as Waitrose. A bit of peace and quiet, just me and my Elis James and John Robins podcast for an hour...

Clare is off out tonight for a family do. Uncle Frank is bringing his new friend along to the pub... I will be staying in tonight doing more on this website migration. I would say it's approximately 90% done now. Maybe watch some Daredevil at the same time.

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