Blog2018 ≫ Metalsmith is pretty disjointed

I keep having problems with Metalsmith. I put all my content in and things were ok, I added metalsmith-tags and things weren't ok (too many files open), I removed metalsmith-tags and things were still not ok... "Too many files open" is a big problem. metalsmith-templates doesn't respect the concurrency setting that you pass in, at least v1 doesn't. If I upgrade to v2 I get "no files to parse", not sure what is going on.

I'm finding Metalsmith to be quite disjointed, I'm not sure it is being maintained, and I'm finding that the useful plugins I want are also not being maintained... I'm going to stick with it a while and just write my own plugins, branching off those when I need them.

I've abandonded the idea of using nested layouts like Jekyll does and will just rearrange my layout templates.

Getting there, I'm 90% done now...

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