Blog2018 ≫ Static site is just about done

I have all my content uploaded to Amazon AWS S3, and then got Amazon Cloudfront on top of that. But it's not quite working. S3 means almost free storage, it will be pennies a month rather than he approximately 10 I have been paying for the last 10 years. Cloudfront is also just about free for my usage, that is a layer that sits on top of the website caching it so making it super fast for you. Not quite sure what is up but there are errors on some of the pages, "no permission to access this" type things...

I am going to have to remove the Github content, as Github can't cope. Even with me limiting it only to pages about gigs that are important OR that I have attended, and only venues that I have attended, I still have 25,000 pages uploaded. Even I have not seen them all.

Hope it will get to 100% finished next week.

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