Blog2018 ≫ Card declined!

Log, have updated my card in lots of places, but forgot one major online retailer. And just got an email saying "yeah that big birthday gift you are expecting, it's not coming because your car"... That's the danger with stored payment details making it so easy. Fixed now, lucky I had not left it to the last minute, imagine the look on the little boy's face if I had messed that up. Could probably have nipped to Currys and fixed it though.

Was having a lie in until I checked those emails. Went to the Inn Doors, had a nice time. Started to plan a big day out pub crawl with some friends.

Minor setback on the static site freely hosted, I am going to hit their limits as there is so much old content here.. If I have a think I can still do it, just have to optimise the pages first. Also might ditch some of the old stuff that is not getting hits anyway, the things auto generated from gig listings. Focus on the "quality"...

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